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Elegant glass fence that match the beauty and simplicity of glass

glass fencing melbourne

Glass Fencing

Glass fences are increasingly getting popular and people are installing Fencing glass Melbourne in their homes around pools. Glass fences or Glass pool fencing looks very classy...

glass fence melbourne


At MERGELOCK we have designed multi-dimensional brackets to resolve any issue when it comes to building an optimum glass fence. Each of these design dimensions is crafted...

melbourne glass fencing

Frameless glass fencing

Quality frameless glass fencing has no visible bars between the glass panels to support, instead it is held down by the versatile clamps and brackets like the Mergelock systems.

glass fence Melbourne


Steel pool fences are made of steel. They are permanent and cannot be moved around. One can see through it and for better appeal, it has to be powder-coated like the Mergelock systems.

Welcome to Mergelock System
Why Merge Lock?

Mergelock is the ultimate and perfect solution for glass fencing in Melbourne. Mergelocks are clamps that connect and hold the glass fences or glass fencing in Melbourne and are commonly used in glass pool fencing.

Our glass fencing in Melbourne is one of the best in the area. Typically, our glass fence comes in standard sizes ranging from 300mm – 2000mm. The glass panel dimensions also come in 12mm and 10mm ranges. When it comes to quality, services and money’s worth, Mergelock brackets and clamps are the best for all your glass fences and glass fit solutions.

Clients use Mergelock Brackets, which have been crafted after five years of intense development and testing, resulting in unsurpassed technological and aesthetic advances. They provide maximum strength with minimal material usage and they are designed with your family and budget in mind. They are slim and steeply-angled, ensuring there are no footholds for children to find and climb on to.

glass fence melbourne
Some of the standout qualities of Mergelock systems are listed below:
  • The Mergelock glass pool fencing brackets are very intuitively designed. They sport a neat and compact look.
  • Structurally, they are perfect for glass fences. The way it has been insightfully thought-out and designed and its qualities make a glass look just like a sheet, see-through and frameless.
  • The glass panels used in any fencing system are attached to each other by the simple and strong Mergelock clamps or brackets.
  • Even if you make design changes to the glass fencing, as it has a very flexible quality, changes can be made without any issues.
  • The Mergelock brackets and clamps are definitely pieces of art. They are made from stainless steel and come with a neat polished finish. Therefore, they also reflect the pool, just as glass does and blends in with the frameless glass fencing that are installed.
  • Whatever type or material, the mounting surfaces are, these brackets are independent of that and blend in perfectly well to the point of its intended design, vanish from our view.

For an elegant, secure and money’s worth solution to your glass fencing needs, Mergelock is the perfect answer. Call us on 03 94849998 to allow us to showcase what we can do for you, it is absolutely obligation-free.

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glass fencing melbourne