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When you hear Mergelock, or think of Mergelock brackets and clamps, it is when you are planning or have installed a pool in your home. Ok! Now that you have a pool in your backyard, you would like to ensure that it is pool-proof and follows all the mandatory pool safety laws. One of the first steps in ensuring safety features is when you install a secure fence around your pool. For this, there are many different types of pool fences that you can choose and opt for. But when installing the fencing, the one thing that binds and holds it together is the Mergelock brackets and clamps.

The MERGELOCK Standard Bracket implements the Cam Coupler mechanism rather than external bolts and ensures that you only see sleek, elegantly designed brackets from all sides of your pool fence while Deck Brackets are optimised for raised surfaces. In the look and feel department, they are identical to standard brackets and will effortlessly blend in with any tiled or deck area surface.

At Mergelock, we stock and install world-class glass support systems. Our brackets and clamps are of a superior quality that comes with a finish, style and look that is second to none. It is our years of experience, research and development and our commitment that has resulted in crafting our unique brackets and clamps.


Our products are easily distinguishable. Our patented brackets and clamps come with locking systems that have no noticeable bolts. Our locking systems are elegantly designed and sturdy. Our innovative, yet classy product comes with its own safety features and aspects. We in the business are aware that our products are a very important component in ensuring and offering maximum safety. Therefore, we have taken complete note of the fact that as it is installed in pool fences or in railings; we at Mergelock ensure that it offers maximum protection.

Our clamps and brackets come in different types which are perfect for glass pool fencing and railings. If you reside in the Melbourne area, and want to learn more about our unique glass pool fencing brackets and clamps and its many features, you can drop in a line or call us to know more.

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