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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

With our years of experience, we hope to assist you in the process of installing a frameless glass pool fence. How and where to place your DIY glass pool fence, what are your dos and don’ts are some of the many unique solutions we offer that have now become the mainstay of some of our clients, pool builders, landscapers and architects.

Glass Pool Fencing

When you install, Mergelock in a glass pool fence or in a DIY and frameless pool fencing system, it does exactly what it was designed for. Like glass was meant to blend in and stay transparent, on installation, the clamps provide support and it disappears from our view as it is not apparent and noticeable. This is a very rare and great feature of the Mergelock glass pool fencing system.

  • Mergelock is good for frameless pool fencing in Melbourne as the clamps are bolt free.
  • Frameless glass can also be used as railings.
  • For frameless glass fences or frameless pool fencing, the clamps are a perfect choice as they do not have bolts and come with a mirror finish.
  • For any DIY frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne, Mergelock clamps and brackets work best. The practicality in its design reduces installation time and offers little room for any mistakes while installing.
  • The minimalist and simple design of these brackets and clamps works perfectly well when it comes to providing absolute safety to fences, glass pool fencing and frameless glass pool fencing. As the clamps do not stand out, a child is not tempted to climb on it, crossover and get into the swimming pool.
  • In any DIY project, we are always concerned about the final outcome. When you use Mergelock systems for any of your DIY glass pool fencing Melbourne or frameless pool fencing in Melbourne work, you can be rest assured that these brackets will not hinder or obstruct the seamless view of your pool from the outside or as you are sitting in your home and gazing into the pool.
  • For a DIY glass pool fencing in Melbourne, glass pool fences Melbourne, Mergelock brackets and clamps are your best answer, your pool fencing, glass fences look complete with Mergelock System.

It is our endeavour that we provide you with the maximum information. Also, we want to join you in your efforts to better your surroundings. Allow us to introduce to you the possibilities of our unique set of clamps and brackets, so you can see the differences that the MERGELOCK system can make in the final layout, and ultimate look you are trying to achieve.

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