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Pool Fence Brackets

At MERGELOCK we have designed multi-dimensional brackets for pool fencing to resolve any issue when it comes to building an optimum glass fence. Each of these brackets and clamp design dimensions is crafted in such a way, that ultimately you are the beneficiary. You get to see and own the most beautiful and stable pool fence brackets in your neighbourhood.

The first very obvious feature is the ‘No Exposed Bolts’. No matter from which side you are viewing your transparent pool bracket fence, you will just see pure, plain, transparent design with no bolts or grub screw holes to grate on your eyes. There is no chance for stain-producing weeping holes, or eventual homes for spiders etc.

A lesser visually but extremely important aspect is that the strength of the glass panels are maintained. No destabilizing holes in the glass are required, nor is there any need for extremities in pressure, be it tight or loose to be applied on the glass panel, in terms of plates and grub screws. It is said that glass panels have been known to explode under such conditions.

pool fence brackets
pool fence brackets Melbourne

Glass panel layout possibilities have been dramatically increased. Especially due to the unique MERGELOCK ‘Ledge Bracket’ which solves many terrain issues and also safety regulation requirements.

It is now possible to keep glass panel heights at a consistent height, even if the terrain is uneven. These pool fence brackets work extremely well in situations where there are garden beds, steps and uneven surface features.

An incredible feature that the ledge pool fence brackets have is that they can be used to add to the reduced height of walls that are lesser than the mandatory regulations height of 1.2m, and essentially helps to extend the wall upwards.

Ledge brackets are perfect, in a way making full use of your balcony or deck space as they take the glass right to the edge, flush with the outer walls. When you see this feature, you realize this is the ‘only’ solution that will work under the circumstances.

If you install them, they also look very beautiful whichever side you view them from. This patented bracket is our patented, unique creation and the same cannot be found anywhere.

Ledge brackets are also a great replacement for stand-off fasteners, the typical four-round stainless buttons which bolts panels closely onto vertical walls. The problem with stand-offs are, that they require the glass to extend overly downwards and to stand away from the wall. This can inevitably give rise to a dirt buildup behind the glass which cannot be removed later.

The only alternative here with Ledge Brackets is that the glass can be ‘Low Mounted’, seating it right on top of the balcony surface, and perfectly edged off on to the wall, resulting in a far more aesthetically pleasing and practical solution.

The MERGELOCK brackets, four-in-all, have been designed to work in unison with each other. They are used in a combination and installed in all kinds of outdoor terrain. It is used either on a flat or height-variant surface, used on tiles or concrete areas, decks and balconies and even stairs.

pool fencing brackets

They allow for an even design consistency all across the property whether it is installed at one time, or installed in stages. Therefore, there is no risk of having conflicting design concepts at different stages of your project.

fence brackets

MERGELOCK pool fence brackets have a feature that rings in classiness coupled with simplicity and minimalist design. They are unassuming, yet have a great presence. They have been developed with the model concept of following a ‘function dictates design’ theme. Nonetheless they have been tweaked in a way that eliminates nasty visual impediments such as bolt or grub screw holes.

They are the epitome of good and deeply thought-out design, taking into account all the issues that can arise when making a beautiful and standout glass fence.

pool fence brackets Melbourne

Allow us to introduce the possibilities of your unique set of circumstance to see the differences that the MERGELOCK system of brackets can make in the final layout, and ultimate look you are trying to achieve.

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With our years of experience we hope to assist you in your making these important decisions of how and where to properly place your fence, what you can and can’t do, and some of the unique solutions we can offer that have now become the mainstay of some of our ongoing clients; pool builders, landscapers, and architects.

We want you to be maximally informed. Also we want to join you in your effort to make your living environment the best it can be. Good wishes on your endeavours.

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