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What are the types of Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass fences are increasingly getting popular and people are installing Fencing glass Melbourne in their homes around pools. Glass pool fencing looks very classy, follow all the requisite Australian standards, have a great finish and it is tough and sturdy. Since they are transparent, it gives a sense of more space and the glassfit blends in with the surroundings perfectly.

Some of the types of glass fencing are:
  • Framed Glass Fence
  • Frameless Glass Fence
  • Semi-frameless Glass Fence
  • Aluminium-based mesh pool fencing
  • Stainless steel or steel fence
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Mesh pool fencing

Mesh pool fencing is made from aluminium, it is minimum maintenance and can be moved effortlessly, it is powder-coated and is see-through, but it does not score high in the aesthetic appeal department.

Steel pool fences

Steel pool fences are made of steel. They are permanent and cannot be moved around. One can see through it and for better appeal, it has to be powder-coated or painted to a colour of your choice.

Frameless glass fencing

Quality frameless glass fencing has no visible bars between the glass panels to support, instead it is held down by the versatile clamps and brackets like the Mergelock systems. It scores very high in the visual-appeal quotient and offers an unhindered view and gives a greater sense of space. Frameless glass pool fencing definitely creates an impact. It is definitely a modern, contemporary and stylish option for your pool area. It is safe, secure and is held firm by a corrosion-resistant, versatile, clamps and brackets like Mergelock. It is very low maintenance and long-lasting.

Semi-frameless glass fencing

Semi-frameless glass fencing has posts made from aluminium or stainless steel. This offers the support for the glass panels. The posts can come in the way of viewing the pool area and is not as popular as the frameless glass version.

Benefits of a Melbourne Glass Fencing are:
  • Glass fencing or pool fencing glass is very attractive, as it has an aesthetic appeal, is transparent, see-through and stylish. This definitely scores over the traditional aluminium and steel semi-framed or framed.
  • As glass is see-through, you can always keep an eye on the pool, especially if your children or a family member is in the pool. This is definitely a major safety feature.
  • There are different variations for glass fencing like frameless or semi-frameless. Out of the two, the frameless version is a little more expensive.
  • If you are a person who enjoys installation, and working around the house, then DIY glass fencing is a good choice. We offer a range of DIY glass fences depending on your requirement and it is pocket-friendly.
  • All services come as per the prescribed Australian glass compliance norms and standards. The glass fencing come in the standard size ranging from 300mm – 2000mm and the 12mm and 10mm glass panel ranges.
  • For pools is permitted for use all over Australia and there are a range of DIY glass fences available in the market.
What are the mandated standards in glass fencing?

To ensure absolute safety, to prevent any accident or even death, when fencing, there are some regulations and guidelines determined by the Australian government. In addition, every state also has its own pool fences safety laws.

The general mandatory standards for glass pool fencing are as detailed below:
  • The fencing should be made from robust, long-lasting quality material like aluminium or stainless steel.
  • The pool fencing or fences, should not have any gaps, spaces, cracks or dents.
  • The glass fence or pool fencing should be at least 1.2m high, if measured from the outer side, and if there is any boundary fencing, for the pool, then that should be at least 1.8m in height.
  • The pool fencing should only have a 10cm gap from the bottom of the pool fence and the ground level.
  • Pool fencing there can only be a 10cm space between the panels.
  • All pool fences should install gates that open outwards, in a direction that is away from the pool. The gates should have a self-locking, self-closing design.
glass pool fencing
  • The pool fence, it is important that the gate lock or latch should be placed inside, in such a way you have to bend over the aluminium or glass fencing to open the gate. If you are placing the latch on the outside, then the same should be about 1.5 metres high.
  • Around the pool area, or the fencing area, there can no trees, plants, furniture, pots, chairs which can be used to climb over to the pool area crossing the fencing. Care should be taken to see that none of these are there visibly in a 90 cm radius of the pool.
  • If you want to have walls instead of glass fencing, it is allowed. But the pool access should not be directly from your house.
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