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mergelock system

Host of ‘The Block’, Scott Cam, handling the MERGELOCK Clamp replies “A great Australian Product”


mergelock system

Gary and Ian Preparing the glass gate for installation. Precision is the name of the game, with no compromise.


mergelock system

Manfred at the Spa and Pool Show. These are great opportunity for others to see our products first hand.

Choice of Fixture

Your choice of fixture can be just as important the choice of using glass.

To take best advantage of the qualities of a see-through medium, a frameless glass fence has to be the ultimate option. With that, the right kind of system needs to be considered. In-ground, or floating?

The glass bracket has been the most popular and considered choice since around the turn of the millennium. The reasons are manifold and an important one is aesthetics. The glass bracket concept in its own right is simple, practical, and elegant.

Simple in its minimalism; The use of the least amount of materials to do the required job of securing a pool from unwanted entry.

Practical when compared to the older in-ground method, they allow for easy cleaning of the glass. Debris and water build up with such attendant problems are avoided.

Elegant: in that they are a wonderful solution to an old problem, two brackets and a sheet of glass.

It is on these three points and more where the MERGELOCK Brackets shine.

Their simplicity is immediately obvious in that they have no exposed bolts and consist of only two fundamental parts. They have unique locking mechanisms built in that do away with the obtrusive sights of fasteners on the clamps exteriors.

No matter which side of the bracket you look at there are no bolts to confront you. Along with no rough surfaces, the unique internal designs of MERGELOCK Fixtures maintain great strength within which allows for a compact outer shape, averting a bulky appearance, yet holding up to the rigors of weather and other possible assaults upon it.

The compact outer shape apart from looking very sleek, almost defying what’s considered possible in size/strength ratio, due to hidden built-in ribbing, minimizes further the possibility of a child getting a foothold.

The top end of the MERGELOCK bracket is rounded then sharply tapered down making it impossible to get a grip. Having no outer exposed bolts they are likewise fully tamper proof.

The practicality of MERGELOCK Brackets extends further to a far greater ease of installation, increasing installing speed, minimizing error, and positively influencing the final price of the fence.

MERGELOCK Brackets are the epitome of elegance. No bolts means that brackets can be polished and retain a clean look from all sides. They even mirror the mini environment at which they are placed which means they will never clash with your colour scheme, they blend in as glass does. The Brackets and glass become features instead of a means to an end. In combination with the seamless quality of glass MERGELOCK TM Brackets lift the whole look of the pool environment.

Spa and Pool Expo

Manfred, John and Bianca were at a stand at the Spa and Pool Expo, Feb 2012 displaying the MERGELOCK glass fence systems.

There were four other companies with stands displaying glass fencing, a great sign as it is proving that the category is now becoming main-stream. It appears fewer are opting for lattice type fences and with good reason; they drastically divide up a property.

The seamless quality of glass is the perfect alternative as a safety barrier.

In fact a glass fence is far more impenetrable than regular fences which have climbing crossbars and lattices easy to grip.

There are differences in glass fence fixtures too.

At the show we had visitors walk passed our stand disappointed as they had already had their glass fence installed and upon seeing our MERGELOCK bolt free brackets felt stung when they realized what they had missed out on.

We are doing our best to get our product seen by as many as we can get it to, to allow for actual comparison.

We know we have the most elegant solution by far, and it takes seeing and comparing the product to appreciate that.

It is for this reason we like to do a face to face viewing plus on-site measure and quote.

mergelock system